In the Beginning…

It was Chaos and from it came the first two beings Elkul and Alitranna and being that of Chaos they held creation powers.

Testing their powers Elkul and Alitranna created light to ward off the darkness that was Chaos and thus night and day was created.

Nine months later Alitranna gave birth to that which was named Alderslyth and so this lifeless body became the world and Elkul created stars around it to act as guardians against that of chaos to protect this child of theirs.

On the child’s second day Elkul gave it that which is named water and it spilled all over the child creating seas and oceans and rivers.

On the child’s third day Alitranna gave it clothes and hair which became the plants known to us.

On the child’s fourth day Elkul created beasts and birds to entertain the child, to awaken the child, but this did not work.

On the fifth day Alitranna created the beings of this world to entertain the child, but this did not work.

On the sixth day Elkul and Alitranna rested thinking of new ways to entertain their child.

On the seventh day Chaos crept up on Elkul and Alitranna and stole the baby corrupting the beings and beasts upon it. Elkul jump up and ran after Chaos causing the baby to spin.

Elkul and Chaos ran around the baby for all eternity creating what was to be portrayed as the Sun and the Moon.

And such was the creation of the world.


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